Meet Warren Plue

 Hello, I’m Warren Plue. My wife Deana and I moved to the Comox Valley in 2010 from Calgary, and like you, fell in love with everything the Comox Valley has to offer. The natural beauty is phenomenal, the slower pace feels healthier, and the warmth of the people here on Vancouver Island created an instant sense of community for us. Since 2010, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the professional community and am a current member of the Courtenay Rotary Club.

I’m very pleased to be serving the community with such a fantastic group of dedicated and hard working people.

A Prairie Kid

Although I grew up as a typical prairie kid spending winters at the rink (I’m originally from Saskatchewan), the temperate winters and early springs are definitely a welcome change. I’ve also taken up an all weather interest and now have a red belt in Tae Kwon Do.

A Canadian Paradise

The motivation for moving to the Comox Valley was to be closer to Deana’s parents, and we haven’t regretted a day since. We love showing the valley to our prairie friends and family who come to visit. They all agree that the Comox Valley is like finding a Canadian paradise. Now as a licensed real estate agent, I am fortunate to be doing more of the same, introducing home owners to buyers and helping them meet their real estate goals.

Before you decide on which improvements will increase the appeal and value of your home, give me a call!

I can provide the wish list of perspective of buyers who will be thrilled with all that your home has to offer.

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